Character Advancement

Characters in Fire Emblem Tabletop RPG advance and get stronger by leveling up. A character levels up whenever she gains 100 Experience Points (EXP). EXP is gained through combat, the use of staves or dances, or through the use of some skills (such as Locktouch or Steal).

When a Lord (PC) levels up, she receives 7 points to spend on upgrading her stats at the same costs as character creation. However, unlike character creation, a stat may not be raised more than 1 point when leveling up. Points may be retained during level up, but may not be spent again until the next level up. For most NPCs, when the character levels she only gets 5 points when leveling up. This is to help represent the typically superior growth rates that Lords have in the Fire Emblem game series.

Section A: Combat Experience

Whenever a character engages in combat and attacks, the character gains EXP. If the attack does no damage, the character gets only 6 EXP. If the attack only deals damage, the character gains 12 EXP. If the attack kills the opponent, the character gains 34 EXP. EXP earned that exceeds the amount needed to level up rolls over to the EXP count for the next level.

If the character is more than 5 levels higher than the opponent, or is of a promoted class while the opponent is not, these values are halved. If the reverse is the case, then double the EXP gained.

Using a dance or experience providing skill gives the character 12 EXP. The use of staves grants EXP based on the staff’s power and is included in the item description.

Character Advancement

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