Supports are a measure of extra camaraderie between two characters and are graded on 4 grades: C, B, A, and S, in addition to plain absence of a grade. This grade represents a deepening of friendship, or even the evolution of romantic interest. In order to reach the next level of Support, there must be 30 Support Points (SP) earned between them. SP is earned in numerous ways, but most commonly through fighting and working side by side. Even if sufficient SP has been earned to unlock the next level of support, players must inform the Gamemaster that they wish to upgrade the support level, and it is highly suggested that a small scene showing the growth of this bond be roleplayed out.

Here is a helpful list showing many of the ways Support Points can be earned throughout the game and the amount of SP they give:

Battle an enemy with a Support Unit (such as a Pair Up) +6
Battle an enemy while adjacent to an ally (A unit not Supporting in battle) +2
Healing or Dancing for an ally +2
Partner Dual Strikes or Dual Guards +2
Trigger an event tile conversation in a Pair Up +5
End turn adjacent to an ally +1
Use a Seed of Trust while in a Pair Up. +10

The bonuses given for each level of support is given here:
C: Hit and Avoid +10
B: Hit, Dodge (crit evade), Avoid +10
A: Hit, Crit, Avoid, Dodge + 10
S: Hit +15, Crit, Avoid, Dodge +10.

When adjacent to more than one ally with a support grade, the supported character gains an additional +5 bonus to each category shared by the supporting characters to a maximum of +20 to any one combat stat.


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